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Who We Are?

Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd (PFIL) is a conglomerate in Tonga, with branches in Tonga and Vanuatu, to which the controlling shares are owned by the Chapman family. PFIL has been in operation for over three decades and has gone from strength to strength. The company’s commitment to its customers is second to none, and providing them with the best customer service is paramount.

Brief History of Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd.

Brief History

Mr. Christopher Ross Chapman – Owner of these businesses and the Chairman of the Board of Directors – set up the company to purchase various businesses from Burns Philp Ltd who were moving out of the South Sea Islands. Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd commenced its operations in August 1992.

In 2014, Ross handed over the control of the companies to his eldest son, John Paul Chapman, who is a qualified CPA and besides working in various roles throughout the Group has also worked in Australia and PNG. He is now the Managing Director of the Group.

The company has expanded over the years, spreading not only geographically but also into other areas including the ever-expanding IT industry. Boasting an impressive 7 companies under its portfolio, it is undisputedly the biggest company in Tonga.

Our Businesses

There are seven major companies within the PFIL group of companies, with some of the companies having smaller subsidiaries under them. These companies are as listed below:

  1. PTH Tonga Ltd.
  2. PTH Vanuatu Ltd.
  3. Dateline Transam Ltd.
  4. Leiola Group Ltd.
  5. Courts Tonga
  6. WanTok Vanuatu
  7. Toko Wireless Tonga
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Pacific Retail Ltd. (PRL)

Pacific Retail Ltd. (PRL) operates directly under PFIL and is the holding company for retail giant PTH Ltd. & its sister company Leiola Group Ltd. (LGL). PTH Ltd. has branches throughout Tonga, mainly in Tongatapu, Vava’u & Ha’apai as well as Vanuatu. Leiola Group Ltd. on the other hand owns the only Duty-Free Shop in Tonga and is also the agent for British American Tobacco that owns brands such as Benson & Hedges, Winfield, and Pall Mall to name a few. It is also the authorized distributor for Phillip Morris’ Long Beach as well as Heineken.

Pacific Timber & Hardware Logo

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Dateline TransAM Ltd. (DTL)

PFIL owns 49% of the shares in this company. Under the Dateline Management is our BIN GO business, Tonga Fit, CRS & the National Storage.

Dateline Transam Ltd is primarily a shipping agency business, representing renowned principles throughout the world such as Neptune Pacific Direct Line (NPDL), delivering services out of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and the Pacific Islands to Tonga.

Dateline Transam has a well-implemented network of agencies in the Pacific Region and worldwide, allowing the opportunity to coordinate sea freight shipments worldwide in a safe, timely, seamless and cost-effective manner.


Dateline TransAM Limited - PIL Southern Trader

Pacific Development Ltd. (PDL)

PDL manages all the real estate interests of the company.

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Praesidia Alliance

A specialist electronics security provider, servicing clients across the south pacific.

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Toko Wireless & WanTok

Toko Wireless is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing broadband services, tailored business ICT solutions, with branches in Tonga and Vanuatu.

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Management For PFIL

We provide the best service ... Our team makes it happen

Over the years, we have managed to build an A-Team of professionals and experts in different fields to manage our operations and provide our customers the best service possible, to their satisfaction.

Under the guidance and leadership of these professionals – the company has developed and reached new heights.
We also take pride in our staff. Their commitment and hard work do not go unnoticed and their contribution to the development of this company is commendable.

John Paul Chapman – Managing Director of PFIL

John Paul Chapman

Managing Director of PFIL

‘Unaloto Tolu-Mafi

Director PTH Ltd.

Lupemeitakui Aleamotu’a

Manager for PDL

Joe Paasi

Manager for DTL

Henry Garrahy

Manager Praesidia Alliance

Justin Kaitapu

Justin Kaitapu

Group CTIO / Director Toko Wireless

Interested in joining the team?

Apply now by sending your CV to our HR Manager – Meleane Lavakei’aho on email: (OR) you can contact us through our contact page.

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