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Community Outreach Programs

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Through its businesses, PFIL has sponsored and donated to countless community based initiatives throughout the years.

Kava Idol sponsored by Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd.

The Kava Idol

Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd. sponsored the Kava Idol, a TCC community based initiative, that brought the whole of Tonga together with each village including their relatives overseas uniting in true Tongan patriotism splendor.

Sponsorship of the Takuilau College Sports team

PTH Tonga Ltd & Bin-Go – a sub of Dateline Transam Ltd combined sponsorship of the Takuilau College Sports team, that has awarded us with huge local and international (international tongan communities) coverage as the sports team produced 12 gold medals in total with silvers & bronze, as well as Miss. Lusia Loni of the Junior grade was the hailed sports girl of the year for the junior grade, having won gold for all her 5 events of 100mtrs. 200mtrs, 400mtrs, 800mtrs, and the 1500mtrs.

Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd. Sponsored the Takuilau College Sports team

Interested in joining the team?

Apply now by sending your CV to our HR Manager – Meleane Lavakei’aho on email: Meleane.Lavakeiaho@pth.to (OR) you can contact us through our contact page.

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