Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd.


Building A Better Tonga

Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd.

PFIL is the parent company for various businesses in Tonga and Vanuatu. Some of the companies include: PTH Tonga Ltd, PTH Vanuatu Ltd, Dateline Shipping Tonga Ltd, Leiola Group, Courts Tonga, WanTok Vanuatu and TokoWireless Tonga.

PTH Store

Our History

Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd. commenced operations in August 1992. The company has expanded over the years, growing from an initial 6 companies to now many spreading not only geographically but also into other areas including the ever-expanding IT industry.

Our Businesses

There are seven major companies within the PFIL group of companies, with some of the companies having smaller subsidiaries under them. The list includes:: PTH Tonga Ltd, PTH Vanuatu Ltd, Dateline Transam Ltd, Leiola Group Ltd, Courts Tonga Ltd, WanTok Vanuatu & TokoWireless Tonga. 

PFIL Distribution Center

Our Staff

At Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd., everyone is part of one big family. Whilst we’ve grown in numbers over the years, each of our businesses still retains a personality of their own, full of our happy Team Members who feel safe and secure, excited by the prospect of what each day might bring.

Community Outreach by Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd.

Community Outreach Programs

Every year, PFIL through its businesses helps different sectors of the wider community, whether it be schools, churches, women development groups to name a few, for sponsorships and donations towards various community-focused initiatives; in order to achieve the company’s vision of “Building a better Tonga”

We make home/office improvement possible

We provide our customers with the widest range of products and services at best prices every day, all backed by the best service.

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